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Scalable and Safe Enterprise Infrastructure & Data Center Solutions

Danta offers powerful options for transforming your IT with the leading portfolio of Converged Infrastructure solutions. Danta provides a complete solution with tech support for all Enterprise devices (Router, switch, wireless controller, access points, Load balancer, Virtual machine, Unix/Linux/Win servers).

Data Center Solutions that Never Let’s Down

Our data center solutions help you realize the benefits of lower operational costs, higher productivity, and greater peace of mind. Whether you need to update an aging server infrastructure, virtualize your environment, or prepare for cloud automation, we help you navigate the overwhelming array of IT solutions to select the right technology and network services for your business needs. We offer data center optimization, analysis, design, planning, implementation, and ongoing support.

Infrastructure Services

Futuristic & scalable

Our Team Holds Expertise in Following Vendors/Companies:

Our team comprises of some the finest brains in the industry to offer the most reliable Enterprise Infrastructure & Data Center Solutions in the US. We can certainly help you with products from the below-listed vendors/companies:

Futuristic & Scalable

Network Infrastructure Management by Experts

Danta Technologies provides highly qualified and experienced level Network and Infrastructure Engineer to support client Enterprise level Infra. ’s network infrastructure services include end-to-end, enterprise-wide network services and products to support your business objectives, today and for the future.

Our team will help you assess, design, and install the physical infrastructure your organization needs to support mission-critical initiatives. We help you sort through an ever-increasing array of data center solutions to select the best technology to meet the increased demand for new media applications, interactivity, and mobility. We offer core routing and switching, LAN / WAN, wireless, and management suites.

Network Infrastructure Management by Experts

Manufacturer Solutions

EIS works with most major data center solution providers and can help your organization drive down costs for infrastructure both with tactical and strategic recommendations. All designed to help you optimize your investment and understand what technology products and services can save you money. All provided by industry leaders bring increased performance, minimize risk, and maintaining high availability in networking, computing, and storage for the enterprise.

Data Center Services

EIS has the people, solutions, and partners to deliver organizations turnkey offerings that solve complex business challenges. When clients need more than just a piece of hardware EIS can support them with a team that listens to your needs, develops a plan to accommodate those needs, designs the solutions, builds the solution, and installs the project seamlessly with our service teams. All in a timely cost-effective manner.

Data Center Products

EIS makes it easy to determine which products to invest in for your data center and which ones will save you money, improve service and yield a positive return to the business. We have worked with all the major manufacturers’ product offerings and can support them from active equipment and physical layer perspective. This approach will give you a complete data center solution that will optimize, integrate, add flexibility and reliability making you more competitive.

We Help You Maintain your Business Network Operations Effectively

Futuristic & Scalable

We Help You Maintain your Business Network Operations Effectively

Danta Technologies works in the open-source community and partners to deliver practical, best-of-breed solutions for mixed IT environments. Our infrastructure and data center solutions are simply the best in the industry.  We specialize in delivering enterprise-quality reliability and optimal performance for Linux-based applications to coexist with your current systems and enhance our solutions to help you to reduce the impact of system downtime on your business operations.

Maximize utilization and reduce costs. Our Linux Enterprise solutions deliver cross-platform support on the latest intel and IBM technology-based servers. You can migrate applications from proprietary operating systems to the platforms that are best for your applications, maximizing both your resource utilization and productivity from all your assets, not just your new ones. Our partnerships with other technology leaders enable you to efficiently deliver and manage software applications while avoiding lock-in to proprietary solutions.

Hire SUSE Manager Experts

SUSE Manager reduces the time and effort required for compliance management and updates. More efficient operations mean that you have more budget available to invest in the next solution that will drive your organization’s success. And when your IT teams spend less time and effort on maintenance, they have more time for innovation.