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Danta application services professionals, who will support various IT software projects around the world. As part of the agreement, Danta will deliver process transformation, application development and application testing services for each project. This work will include writing application code and setting up application development tools, processes and metrics.

Through this arrangement, IT will be able to quickly deploy Danta application design specialists to projects, enabling our own highly skilled workforce to focus on the most complex projects, IT’s executive vice president for operations and customer experience. Having greater skill diversity and flexibility in our combined workforce will translate into increased operational efficiency, productivity and cost savings in the long run. The efficient development and testing of new applications will further improve the superior quality of service that we deliver for our government and commercial customers.

On demand and around the world, Danta is making its application services professionals available to IT for a wide variety of software development and testing projects, said, managing director of Danta’s North American aerospace and defense business. We are pleased to provide the flexibility to help IT start and finish projects more quickly and efficiently.

Industry Vertical Experience

Danta has the industry vertical experience as per the client need. We haven support Govt and Armed forces.


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